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Saga Whale Watching in the Azores
Set off with your expert host for three half-day whale watching trips in the waters of three of the islands that make up this North Atlantic archipelago.
Saga Art on the French Riviera
Based in Nice, with visits to Antibes and St Tropez, explore deeper into the region and the art it inspired with the guidance of an Art Historian.
Saga Caucasus Calling!
Discover how the former Soviet republics of Georgia and Armenia have blossomed into cosmopolitan visitor-friendly destinations on this action-packed tour of the Caucasus.
Saga Ionian Island Hopping
Discover the quiet life of the Greek Ionian islands as you hop between Kefalonia, Lefkada and Zakynthos on scheduled ferries, staying in hand-picked hotels.
Saga Italian Splendours
The perfect introduction to Italy's natural delights and architectural treasures, this exciting tour takes in some of its most iconic sights such as the historic cities of Rome and Florence, the famous landscapes of Tuscany and the beautiful bay of Naples.
Saga Shakespeare's Italy
Shakespeare's passion with and knowledge of Italy is evident in many of his works, with Venice, Verona, Padua, and Rome serving as locations for his plays.
Saga Moscow to St Petersburg by Rail
Discover the decadence of the Tsars on this highlight-packed tour of Russia's grandest cities. Stay in centrally located hotels in both Moscow and St Petersburg and uncover the must-see sights.
Saga Historical Tour through Sicily
Trace the history of the island as you journey from Palermo to Syracuse, and witness how the culture of its diverse residents is reflected today in the archaeological sites, architecture, people, and cuisine.
Saga Prague and the Danube Cities
Discover central Europe's greatest historic cities – including Bohemian Prague, romantic Vienna and beautiful Budapest – on this fascinating tour which follows the course of the great River Danube.
Saga The Magic of Andalusia
This tour offers a taste of the magnificent scenery and Moorish architecture of this multi-faceted region of Spain, with visits to Malaga, Granada, Seville and Córdoba.
Saga Istanbul: City of Empires
Explore the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires' influences in Istanbul on a fascinating tour that charts the Empires' rise and collapse, as well as their lasting legacies.
Saga Land of the Eagle Tour
On this comprehensive tour of Albania, you have the opportunity to explore the length and breadth of the country from the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian coast to the national parks of the Cika Mountains and even across the border into Macedonia on an unmissable optional excursion. On the way you will discover unspoilt areas of outstanding natural beauty, ancient cities and their sights as well as relics of the Cold War.
Saga In Search of Norway’s Northern Lights
Be amazed by the electrifying sight of the Northern Lights, one of Mother Nature’s greatest shows, on this half-board visit to Tromsø in Norway, known for its excellent sightings.