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Big Real Life Adventures

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Whether you are looking for a single urban adventure tour or a full adventure holiday with a group tour, Intrepid has a package to match!

With Intrepid you are not a tourist but a traveller, you will experience the holiday rather than just see it.

With a flexible itinerary between your own exploration and group travel, with Intrepid you will have a chance to meet the locals, try new types of food, stay with a local family and be safe in the knowledge that your holiday is eco-friendly and supports the local communities.

With traditional group tours you are restricted by the size of your group, limited to tourist areas and hotels but with Intrepid, you will have an average group tour of about ten people and so you have the freedom to divert off the beaten track and have real-life experiences. Using local leaders to lead the group tours, their goal is to give a holiday that is more than just ticking boxes of traditional sights.

Instead, they incorporate these popular attractions into experiences that you will treasure forever such as; canoeing to a remote campsite in the Canadian Rockies, chatting with locals at a Chinese tea house, staying with a local family in a Tuscany winery or camping under the stars at a Bedouin camp. Whatever your itinerary, you know that it is for someone else to agonise over the details but you also know that their ethical policies mean that your trip will be contributing to the local economy.



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