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Aurora Expeditions 2022/23

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Small Ship Expedition & Treks

Embark on a sea-based adventure to the most remote coastal regions of the globe, where you can experience nature at its most pristine.

Expedition cruising brings together those with a curiosity about the world around them, a keen sense of adventure, and a desire to immerse themselves in the natural environment.

With Aurora Expeditions cruises, you'll sail in a small, purpose-built ship with an expert, international expedition team, through some of the most amazing seascapes on earth.

Why Choose Aurora Expeditions?

Smaller Groups

Travelling in small groups means that, unlike on larger ships, you can join every excursion, getting into the environment and exploring via shore landings, Zodiac cruises, kayaking or diving.

State-of-the-art ships

All ships are built to world-class polar standards. Their ships are designed for accessing rugged, remote areas and put you in connection with the natural environment, featuring expansive observations decks and large glass windows throughout. Enjoy inviting communal areas, a state-of-the-art lecture theatres and complimentary access to the gym, sauna and Jacuzzis. The exploration and discovery continue whether you're ashore or on board.

Expert Guides:

From Expedition Leaders to passionate Naturalists and Historians, expert photography guides to experienced activity guides, the highly acclaimed expedition team on board are some of the best in the business. May are recognised world leaders in their respective fields, and they enthusiastically share their knowledge with all passengers.

Included Extras:

Whether it's a polar jacket, drink bottle, pre/post-voyage accommodation, Aurora Expeditions are what most others would consider extras.

save up to 25% on selected voyages

Top Voyages

Aurora Expeditions Jewels of the Arctic
Discover Svalbard’s northwest coast and the east coast of Greenland on this 13-day voyage. Encounter plenty of wildlife, from musk oxen, to polar bears, seals, whales and arctic fox.
from £6180 (per person)
Aurora Expeditions Solar Eclipse: Antarctica & South Georgia
This 22-day unique voyage will take you through Antarctica, visiting some of the most incredible places on earth, keeping watch for whales, seals, porpoising penguins, and giant icebergs!
from £20400 (per person)
Aurora Expeditions: Antarctica Explorer
Experience the awe-inspiring immensity of Antarctica and immerse yourself in the unimaginable beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula, where vast glaciers tumble into the sea, penguins are dwarfed by soaring peaks, and humpback and minke whales feast on abundant krill. Reduce your time on the high seas by flying at least one way across the Drake Passage
Aurora Expeditions West Coast of Ireland
Situated on the edge of the Atlantic, Ireland's West Coast has plenty to offer. Discover remarkable islands, archaeological ruins, beautiful coastal cliff landscapes, fjords, and plenty of interesting flora and fauna.
from £6090 (per person)
Aurora Expeditions Wild Scotland
This 11-day voyage will take you on an incredible trip to discover the Wild Isles of Scotland. From the Inner and Outer Hebrides, to the Shetland and Orkney Islands.
from £4395 (per person)
Aurora Expeditions Iceland, Greenland & East Canada
This unique voyage links three incredible, remote coastlines. Discover the natural beauty of the North Atlantic including plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Site's and National Parks.
Aurora Expeditions: Svalbard Odyssey
Enjoy the best of Svalbard, a world of endless daylight where polar bear sightings quicken your pulse, guillemot cries echo from sea cliffs and beluga whales rise from the sea. Explore tundra adorned with wildflowers and look out for arctic fox, or discover historic camps of explorers and hunters.Push through pack ice to find walrus and bearded seals, or simply enjoy breathtakingly beautiful Norwegian fjords.