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Neilson Stay and Sail Holidays

Neilson Stay & Sail Yachting Holidays 

Neilson Stay & Sail is the perfect way to enjoy a week's relaxing beach break with the non-stop fun of a week on a yacht. During your first week on a Neilson Stay and Sail you could brush up your sailing skill or learn to sail from scratch in only a few days. You might want to try windsurfing, waterskiing or tennis, or a poolside sun-lounger with a book & a cool drink might beckon.  Week two is literally your voyage of discovery, following the beautiful & historic coastlines of Greece & making new friends wherever you go.

A holiday for everyone...

Neilson Stay & Sail is perfect for couples or larger groups of all abilities because everyone can choose what to do. For family holidays Neilson Stay & Sail is a wonderful way to give the children a summer adventure and a sense of achievement. The exhilaration of the sun, wind, ropes, sails and new places and pals will leave no time for boredom. This wonderful Neilson family holiday experience is something you will all treasure for years. As well as learning to sail, the children will be engrossed in the fun and activity of the various age-appropriate Neilson's children's clubs, during their week ashore. The Neilson Children's clubs staff is trained, experienced and English speaking with a vast range of exciting activities to keep the youngsters happy.

What do Neilson Stay & Sail Holiday Include:

  • A Yacht Charter
  • A Lead Boat Crew and additional support
  • Damage waiver and security deposit
  • Marine insurance
  • A tank of fuel
  • Beachclub accommodation
  • Beachclub activities
  • Children’s Clubs
  • Flights and transfers