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Wellness Tours & Holidays

Huge Extra Savings on Wellness Tours & Holidays 

Wellness travel is all about reenergizing, rejuvenating and finding your inner balance.

Wellness travel promotes your health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, through activities that you do during your tour or holiday. The goal is, check out feeling healthier and better than when you checked in! With the growing trend for staying healthy while you travel, you can make your entire trip an adventure to feeling better in both body and mind.

Surfing in Costa Rica, meditation in Bali, yoga classes in India, hiking in Nepal, enjoying a Thai massage, kayaking in Italy - all these are a different type of wellness activities and the best part is you have the freedom to do what you like the most. That’s what wellness travel is all about; reenergizing, rejuvenating and finding balance.

A wellness trip might include cooking classes to tantalize your taste buds, but it will likely also involve physical activities like hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, meditation surfing, or even running. You will learn new healthy recipes, explore the local cuisine and get advice on how to improve your wellbeing once you return home. Many of the wellness tours are in a certain way educational and sustainable aiming at helping local communities and involving you in different environmental projects whilst on tour. 

Think about wellness travel as a pause in your everyday life, that’s more than the average holiday. Wellness tours and holidays focus on putting you first, and it’ll help you come back feeling refreshed and in a better state of mind, rather than marking your trip just another check on the long list of things to do this year. So where to next?


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Choose from these Wellness Tours & Holidays...

G Adventures Wellness India
This 11-day tour covers some of the country’s most hallowed spiritual ground while also ensuring you catch the iconic sites of Northern India.
from £1649 (per person)
G Adventures Wellness Bali
Start your journey inward with Canang in Ubud, a traditional offering given at Hindu temples, before immersing yourself in nine days of rejuvenating activities, healthy food, and captivating sights.
from £1149 (per person)
G Adventures Wellness Thailand
This nine-day tour immerses you in ancient restorative practices, yoga sessions, and healthy food that will leave your smile beaming and your soul stirring.
from £1349 (per person)
G Adventures Wellness Italy - Rome & Tuscany
After a morning yoga session and a leisurely day on the grounds of Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, your path will take you to lush landscapes of Tuscany.
from £1334 (per person)
G Adventures Wellness Colombia
Discover the perfect balance of beautiful scenery and quiet contemplation over the course of a revelatory eight days in Colombia.
from £1349 (per person)
G Adventures Wellness Costa Rica
Your spirits will be lifted with a visit to Mi Cafecito Community Coffee Plantation, a G for Good project supporting 200 local farmers, before carrying on to the outdoor utopia that is La Fortuna.
from £1249 (per person)
G Adventures Wellness Peru - Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley
Your seven-day journey begins in the aptly named Sacred Valley with a taste of local food before a stand-up paddle-board takes you across pristine waters surrounded by towering Andean peaks.
from £1199 (per person)