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The United States of America’s least populated state is Wyoming, this absence of urbanisation means that Wyoming remains untouched in its raw wilderness, boasting windswept landscapes, sagebrush hills, snow-capped mountains silhouetted against sun-bleached plains and lake. Wyoming is the undisputed, spirit of America, where the idiosyncratic cowboys still roam through the landscapes. Tourists discover Wyoming by camping in Yellowstone, attending a rodeo or climbing a mountain. Wyoming is home to a diverse range of animal species, from the bobcat, the black bear, bison, bull elk, gray wolf, mountain goat, mule deer and red foxes.

Tourists can discover these sprawling landscapes on horseback as they ride through the Oregon Trail and outlaw country, discovering this part of the wild west. You can discover the big kahuna rapids, Lunch Counter and snake river in a kayak or raft, trying to conquer the white water rapids. In Yellowstone Park, witness the ethereal grand Prismatic spring, with its rainbow of colours and bubbling hot water. Yellowstone is home to amazing rock formations that have been dyed a multitude of bright colours over the years from the geothermal pools. Watch the old faithful geyser erupt into the sky or discover the ancient dinosaur bones in the Museum of the Rockies. For a taste of the cowboy culture, visit Cody and the Buffalo Bill, the centre of the west for five fascinating museums: Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Plains Indian Museum, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody Firearms Museum and Draper Museum of Natural History. Visit Jackson Hole for skiing, snowboarding and mountain adventures.


Top Experiences in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Teton peak, Jackson Hole & lakes

Old Faithful geyser

Devils Tower