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Peru if often synonymous with the misty peaks and crumbling ruins of Machu Pichu. Whilst the panoramic view of the mountains and the ancient city are a sight to behold, and never forgotten, it is the journey that is a feat, taking as long as four days to complete. With an altitude of 4,000 meters, many people can suffer from altitude sickness but that incredible journey only makes the view and the accomplishment that much sweeter. However, there is so much more to Peru than simply Machu Pichu, there are many other simpler trails that you can take an amazing sight to discover. Deep valleys protect beautiful lakes and lagoons of the purest blue, villages and traditions that have been frozen in time, adorned with the quintessential native Peruvian clothing. 


Popular Highlights 

Peru's bustling capital has preserved its Colonial heritage whilst being one of South America’s largest cities

Colca Canyon
This huge canyon in the Andes is a great place to spot the elusive Condors. 

Lake Titicaca
This lake floating islands which is home to indigenous tribes. 

This beautiful Colonial City is the gateway to Machu Pichu. 

Machu Pichu
This ancient citadel was built by the Incans. 

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