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South America Tours & Holidays 2022/23

From the beaten trails of Machu Pichu with nonchalant llamas and misty peaks, to the welcoming Jesus of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires of Argentina, South America offers some of the best natural landscapes, ancient ruins and a wealth of wildlife.

Discover the vibrant cultures of Panama and Uruguay, immerse yourself into the Argentinian tango, discover the authentic Bolivian spirit and experience the famous "Pura Vida" of the natural paradise Costa Rica. Visit the stunning Iguassu Falls and don't forget the iconic Devil's Throat.

Enjoy the Patagonian landscapes of Chile and witness with your own eyes the idyllic scenery that inspired Pablo Neruda. Explore the beautiful nature of Colombia and indulge in its colourful culture. 

Some of the most interesting animals in the world can be found on the Galapagos Islands, from the blue-footed boobies to the colorful iguanas, clumsy penguins, the lazy seals and the inquisitive dolphins.


When is the best time to go

Low Season (July–August)

In Chile and Argentina, many services close at beach resorts, and mountain passes can be blocked by snow.

Shoulder (October–November)

It's dry season in the Amazon, making for fine wildlife-watching. Fewer crowds make this a good time to visit Buenos Aires, Rio and other coastal destinations.

High Season (December–March)

It's high season in Brazil and the Atlantic coast; you can enjoy beaches and festivals (such as the Carnaval in Rio). This also the best time to visit Patagonia and Costa Rica.

travel inspiration

Brightly coloured fields contrast against snow-capped mountains, threatening ice fjords, barren landscapes, lush forests fringing pure blue lakes and of course, the magnificent and thundering, Iguazu Falls.
Bolivia is the perfect add-on in your trip across South America, offering the expected, incredible panoramas, Bolivia connects South America and is not a country to be missed whilst visiting.
Brazil is a country that exudes colour, from the bright, oranges and pinks celebrated at carnivals to the vibrant green of the Brazilian rainforest, this country offers so much life.
Sandy beaches, clear waters and smooth stones, Chile differs from Argentina with a beautiful coastline that houses many incredible beaches.
Combining Caribbean laid-back beauty with irresistible Latin charm, Colombia is South America's up-and-coming destination.
Costa Rica
Costa Rica is an abundance of wilderness and wildlife, unforgettable views and boundless activities to choose from
Ecuador & The Galápagos Islands
Made famous by the writings of Charles Darwin - there's a reason why these stunning islands scoop top place on every traveller's bucket list.
From clear turquoise seas to the coffee farms and cloud forests of Chiriquí, Panama can be as chilled out or as thrilling as you wish.
Peru is often synonymous with the misty peaks and crumbling ruins of Machu Pichu.
Progressive, stable, safe and culturally sophisticated, Uruguay offers visitors opportunities to experience everyday ‘not made for tourists’ moments, whether caught in a cow-and-gaucho traffic jam on a dirt road to nowhere or strolling with mate-toting locals along Montevideo’s beachfront.