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Greenland Holidays 2021/22

This remote country is synonymous with ice fjords, harsh winters and alienation. However, the beauty of Greenland keeps tourists coming back to visit it every year. Visiting the colourful houses, majestic peaks and mountains, pure blue sea and Greenland's beautiful arctic wolves. 

Vast wilderness gives adventurers freedom to wander at will, whether on foot, by ski or by dogsled. With virtually no roads, transportation is mainly by boat and this is the best way to float coast to coast and view the incredible fjords. 
Greenland also offers world-beating but charmingly uncommercialised opportunities for sea kayaking, rock climbing and salmon fishing.

Currency: Danish krone

Wildfoot Travel Scottish Islands, Norwegian Fjords & Svalbard
An amazing north Atlantic journey from Edinburgh to the Arctic! The first portion of your exciting Arctic cruise will see you exploring the wild and rugged Orkney & Shetland Islands with their ancient sites and birdlife, before crossing the North Sea to explore the charming towns and fjords of the Norwegian coast.
Wildfoot Travel Jewels Of The Arctic
The complete European Arctic experience: tundra walks amidst reindeer and exquisite dwarf vegetation, Zodiac cruises near calving glacier fronts, hikes to breathtaking mountain vistas and warm welcomes into indigenous communities.
from £7100 (per person)
Wildfoot Travel Spitsbergen & Franz Josef Land
Travel to the most remote and rarely visited Russian High Arctic archipelago - Franz Josef Land, where 7 days of exploration will take you up close to polar bears, walruses and a myriad of Arctic birds.
Hurtigruten Iceland, Greenland and the Viking Heritage
Discover Arctic highlights! Mythical Iceland impresses with its diverse landscapes and teeming birdlife. Explore southern Greenland and experience small communities nestled in magnificent nature.
Hurtigruten Greenland and Iceland - The Ultimate Fjord and National Park Experience
This exploration begins in Spitsbergen and sails to Greenland and Iceland for an incomparable Arctic adventure. Get ready for a voyage far beyond the ordinary.
Hurtigruten Greenland Thule and Disko Bay - Midnight Sun Exploration
This voyage takes in the heart of Greenland amid the fantastic icebergs of Disko Bay before steaming north along the coast.