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Uzbekistan Tours and Holidays 2019/2020

Uzbekistan is a patchwork of middle eastern heritage combined with Eastern influences including Soviet Russian architecture and food influences and Chinese dishes. It is also arduous to find greenery and foliage amongst the rolling sand dunes and desert, however, this merely makes the oases more magical. Uzbekistan is also home to rare wildlife, including white-clawed bears, golden eagles, lynxes, and snow leopards.

You can travel along the famous silk road that runs through several countries, across land and sea, that was built for trade. There are beautiful mosques, mausoleums and fortresses with traditional architecture and minarets; a refreshing change from European influences. As Uzbekistan is still an unusual tourist destination for the UK, most other tourists will be domestic. 


Top Experiences in Uzbekistan

The vibrant capital of Tashkent 
The town of Bukhara home to many local artisans
Discover the Islamic architecture of Khiva 
Experience the exotic and romantic Samarkand 
Explore the country's Soviet legacy


Currency: Uzbekistani so'm

Visa: Not if you are over 55

Cox & Kings Iran: Silk Road & Persia aboard the Golden Eagle
This luxury rail tour takes you on a Orient Express type journey, starting in Moscow and travelling through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Iran, this 17-night tour visits sites and attractions that are otherwise difficult to reach. Discover the treasures of Persia and the Middle East.
Wendy Wu Journey Through Central Asia
Experience the true spirit of Central Asia travelling off-the-beaten-path and discover Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan & Tajikistan.
from £6250 (per person)
Cox & Kings Uzbekistan Heart of Central Asia
Set on the Silk Road, Uzbekistan has played host to waves of conquerors and nomads. The legacy they have left behind can be seen in the towering fortresses of Khiva and Bukhara and the glorious Islamic architecture of Samarkand.
from £1845 (per person)
Cox and Kings Uzbekistan: The Golden Road to Samarkand
Visit the most magnificent cities of the ancient Silk Road with Islamic expert Diana Driscoll. These include Uzbekistan’s second largest city, Samarkand, built by the infamous 14th-century Emperor Tamerlane; the medieval city of Bukhara, with its dazzling blue mosaic domes; the jade-green city of Khiva; and Nukus, which once protected the Russian avant-garde art collection of archaeologist and artist, Igor Savitsky from the Soviets.
from £2795 (per person)
Travelsphere Uzbekistan - the Heart of the Silk Route
​The incredible history of the Silk Road crosses soaring mountain ranges, endless deserts and ancient cities overflowing with eye-popping architecture.
from £1839 (per person)
Wendy Wu Road to Samarkand
Discover beautiful Islamic architecture, ancient cities and thriving open-air bazaars against a stunning backdrop changing from snow-capped mountains to spectacular deserts, tracing the Silk Road to the birthplace of Tamerlane.
from £4890 (per person)
Just You Uzbekistan and the Silk Road
from £2199 (per person)