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Turkey is changing landscapes and where old world culture meets new as this ancient country develops. Pamukkale has a collection of calcium carbonate hot spring travertines which look like marble basins of pure blue liquid, warm enough for you to bathe in, there are ancient monuments,wind-battered rock formation and bare deserts, lush forests, homes carved from rock formations, snow-capped mountains and ancient coastal towns accessed only by ancient bridges suspended over the sea. 
Turkey's Mediterranean coast also called the Turquoise Coast, is nearly 1600 km (994 miles) long, scattered with fine-sand beaches and sprinkled abundantly with classical cities turned to picturesque ruins. A real gem is Olimpos beach, with its lagoon-like enclosure, it's hidden caves, it's freshwater rivers and the subtropical jungles that rise from the sea into the surrounding mountains, the beach in Olimpos can only be described as magical. Experience the wonderful dry summers typical of southern Greece and Italy, and its mild winters last only from December to February. The temperatures on the Mediterranean Coast are 26°C to 33°C in the summer and in the winter a very comfortable 17°C to 24°C which makes the region an all year round holiday destination. As much as Turkey remains untouched by time, Istanbul is a shining beacon of modernization and the blue mosque is so beautiful that is known all over the world; people flock to the mosque for its incredible mosaic interior and architectural design. 

Currency: Turkish lira