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Romania is often looked over when it comes to European summer holidays, however, the fairytale country has a collection of folkloric castles, picturesque mountains and medieval towns. Discover Saxon churches, painted monasteries and even thatch huts. Explore Bran Castle, one of the castles that inspired Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, and wonder at the medieval villages frozen in time, with gothic architecture and preserved interiors. There is also an ice hotel made purely from ice with stunning ice created interiors and cosy animal throws. In the summer, the bear sanctuary is a popular place to visit the black and brown bears as you have never seen them before.

Romania is both the eerie legend of Transylvania with Bran and Pelee Castles gathering mystery in the mountains, the stunning emerald lakes and untouched villages and cosmopolitan Bucharest. The mix of ancient culture, legends, nature and contemporary still leaves so much of Romania to be discovered. 

The natural beauty of Romania lies in its stunning mountain ranges such as the Carpathian Mountains , the Danube Delta, the Black Sea and its lakes and forests such as Lake Balea, a mirror-like lake reflecting the green valleys that surround it and Lacul Albastru (the Blue Lake), which is blue-green but turns a azure blue colour when several people swim in it due to sulphides in the water.

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