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Salt hardened, craggy rock peaks give way to beautiful blue lagoons, Cyprus is a holiday makers dream. As well as its beauty, Cyprus is known for its ancient riches, mysticism and myth, leaving intrepid historians and archaeologists wanting to learn more as they discover its intricate and ancient history. The Cypriot history is intrinsically combined with the Greek history, offering a mix of religions. The Cypriots adopted some of the Greek myths and legends, most predominantly, Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Some historians claim that the islands itself were named after her, it’s archaic name, “Kipris” refers to the goddess Aphrodite, who Homer called Kiprida. When you visit Cyprus you will discover that this name is fitting, the island is made of stunning crystal clear lagoons, old romantic harbours and stretches of sun-bleached beaches.

The rich of history of Cyprus can be discovered by visiting historical remains and archaeological sites. Cyprus' tumultuous and multi-layered past has left ancient riches strewn across this island and so archaeological digs are common here. In Cyprus, remains have been found from all different ages from Neolithic dwellings, Bronze Age and Phoenician tombs, crumbling ancient kingdoms, Roman mosaics and castles situated on mountaintops.  History buffs can discover preserved frescoes and Byzantine churches.

The Mediterranean climate means that Cyprus is warm all year round with the hottest month being August, in Paphos the average temperature is 26°C and the coldest is January at 13°C. This warm climate attracts tourists all year round and makes Cyprus a year-round destination and the perfect place to escape the winter blues for a warm climate.

Cyprus has lots to offer the active family, with a myriad of water sports on offer you can choose from scuba diving, kitesurfing and windsurfing. On land, you can discover the mountain peaks of Cyprus by hiking or cycling and surprisingly, even winter skiing.


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Top Sights in Cyprus

Pafos Archaeological Site

Ancient Kourion

Tombs of the Kings


St Hilarion Castle

Venetian Walls

Kykkos Monastery

Selimiye Mosque