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Guadeloupe Holidays 2022/23

The islands of Guadeloupe boasts excellent sea views, magnificent white beaches and a touch of Creole spice that makes the perfect combination for a relaxing getaway. The islands were first discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus and the indigenous Caribs nicknamed them ‘Kaukera' (the island of beautiful waters) for their stunning flora and brightly coloured coral. Eventually settles by the French in the 17th century.

Tropical forests are dotted around the island, especially at the foot of Mt Soufriere, a dormant volcano. You will be amazed by the many natural wonders that this little island has to offer, including the highest waterfall in the Caribbean, Basse-Terre. Pointe-a-Pitre, the island's capital, is the main tourist spot famous for its local cuisine.

Currency: Euro

Visa: No