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Grenada Holidays 2022/23

Known as the Caribbean’s Isle of Spice, Grenada is famous for its spice markets and as expected from the Caribbean, pristine beaches dotted all over the island.

Visit St George’s for a plethora of historic sights and culture. From the Grenada National Museum, Parliament House to the market square, Carenage Harbour and the 18th Century Fort George, there is plenty to discover about Grenada.

Not only is Grenada home to stunning beaches such as Grand Anse, this wonderful Caribbean getaway offers a variety of picturesque sights. Hike the cliffs of Victoria and be rewarded with unsurpassed sights, see the wildlife residing in the depths of the tropical rainforest at Grand Etang National Forest Reserve or take a visit to Lake Antoine, a crater lake which is a national landmark.

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Visa: No