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Cuba Tours & Holidays 

Idyllic beaches, a rich history and vibrant culture

Cuba is one of the most exciting countries in the Caribbean and is referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Antilles’. The island is a captivating mixture of fascinating history, pristine beaches, fading colonial grandeur, forest-covered mountains and an intoxicating fusion of traditions.  Oh, and classic American cars, hand-rolled cigars and rum!

Be sure to visit the Museum of the Cuban Revolution in Havana, housed in the former Presidential Palace, that tells the compelling story of the island before, during and after the revolution.  It’s a living museum – the sweeping central staircases still have bullet holes following an unsuccessful attack in 1957 – and features a tank used during the CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs fiasco.  For something a little more unusual, why not visit the Necropolis, Havana’s main cemetery and one of the largest in the Americas, with elaborately sculpted mausoleums with striking religious iconography.

Enjoy a Cuba Libre – a simple rum and coke to you and me, perhaps with a splash of lime juice - that became popular after Cuba won independence after the Spanish-American War. Experience local cuisine in Trinidad and immerse yourself in the magic of Cuban salsa music. Follow in the footsteps of legendary Che Guevara in Santa Clara, relax on the stunning beaches of Varadero or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. 

Perhaps Cuba’s most renowned resident was a certain Ernest Hemingway, who lived just outside Havana.  He enjoyed fishing, lavish entertaining, hunting U-boats – honestly! - and may have partaken of the occasional rum!  He also wrote a great deal while living in Cuba, most famously his acclaimed masterpiece The Old Man and the Sea.

A hidden gem is the spectacular city of Santiago de Cuba, which attracts visitors with its bohemian creativity, artistic heritage and energetic musicians.  Not only is this where Facundo Bacardi, a Spanish merchant, opened his first factory, but it is also where the opening shots of the Cuban Revolution were fired, where Castro proclaimed victory and where his ashes are buried.

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