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Japan Holidays 2019/2020

A land of ancient myths, neon lights, karaoke booths, intricate Shinto temples and sake - an intoxicating mix of the traditional and the modern.  Japan is an exciting country that is constantly growing and developing. You will delight at the wackily themed cafes that range from robots to huskies to reptiles, the emphatic and ostentatious cities that are juxtaposed by rolling rice fields, picture-perfect cherry blossom, the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji, traditional tea houses, temples and so much more.

The bustling capital of Tokyo is home to the incredible Shibuya Crossing, allegedly the world's busiest road intersection, where up to 3,000 people could be crossing at any one time, from all directions in what appears to be perfect synchronicity.  The former capital of Kyoto is worth visiting, with its peaceful shrines and sublime gardens, as too is another former capital, Nara, home to one of the largest Big Buddha statues in Japan and where herds of resident sika deer roam Nara Park.

Japan is also a mountainous treasure trove of natural wonders that can be explored on foot, on two wheels and even on two skis!  The instantly recognisable Mount Fuji has been an object of worship and an inspiration to poets and writers since time immemorial. You are bound to want to include a trip on the legendary Shinkansen, or bullet train, the frighteningly reliable rail service that has an average schedule delay of less than half a minute.  On a more sombre note, the city of Hiroshima is home to one of the most poignant, not to mention controversial, UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the Hiroshima Peace Memorial that commemorates the dropping of the first atomic bomb on August 6th 1945.


Currency: Yen

Visas: UK citizens will be automatically issued a tanki-taizai (temporary visitor visa) on arrival. Typically this visa is good for 90 days.

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Japan Holidays & Tours

Forbidden City Beijing - Ancient Empires of China & Japan
Wendy Wu Ancient Empires of China and Japan
The ultimate tour for those wishing to combine the very best of two ancient nations. Join us on an incredible journey from Beijing to Tokyo by road, boat, rail and air on this epic three-week tour!
from £6490 (per person)
Cox & Kings Japan's Cultural Treasures
The mystical land of Japan awaits you, as this fabulous tour between Tokyo and Osaka will charm you from beginning to end. The eight day journey begins in the metropolitan city of Tokyo where you will visit the National Museum's Japanese Gallery and sample tasty Japanese delicacies at lunch.
from £4995 (per person)
Great Rail Journeys Discovering Japan
Ancient ceremonies meet 21st century technology in this astonishing country of contrasts. This fascinating tour goes a long way to interpret the mystery of Japan as we cross the country on high-speed bullet trains.
from £3695 (per person)
Great Rail Journeys Grand Tour of Japan 2019
Absorb ancient history and timeless tradition as we travel through the 'Land of the Rising Sun' by futuristic bullet train. Sample Japanese whiskey, soak up the spectacular sight of Mount Fuji, experience an authentic tea ceremony and explore the bustling cities of Tokyo and Hiroshima on an all-encompassing route through Japan's highlights.
from £5395 (per person)
Intrepid Japan Real Food Adventure
Discover the true Japanese culture on your taste buds with succulent Hida beef in Takayama, stay in a monastery in Koya-san and discovering shojin ryori, try your hand at a cooking class in Kyoto and explore Osaka.
from £3380 (per person)
Intrepid Land of the Rising Sun
Japan and the wonders of the ancient orient have a huge pull for many intrepid travellers. However, such a huge and foreign country can be daunting. There is so much to see but negotiating your way through a country in Japanese may be tricky for some but with Intrepid's Land of the Rising Sun tour you will feel safe in the knowledge that your trip is organised and paid for and your itinerary is planned.
from £3240 (per person)
Just You Japan Revealed
​From the natural beauty of Mount Fuji to the spectacular skyline of Tokyo, enigmatic Japan offers a unique holiday experience.
from £5199 (per person)
Rail Discoveries: Adventures through Japan
Cherry blossoms, geisha, tea ceremonies, sake, Shinto and sacred temples; Japan has it all, and when you travel through cities and countryside alike by rail, it is all too easy to fall in love with this unique country.
from £3195 (per person)
Riviera Travel Japan Land of the Rising Sun
Experience the best that this diverse country has to offer from the excitement of lively Tokyo to the sacred resting places of shoguns at Nikko.
from £3659 (per person)
Saga Flowers and Festivals of Japan
Explore high-tech Tokyo and take the bullet train to Kyoto. Discover thousands of years of history and uncover serene temples, shrines, castles and more as you learn about the fascinating culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, set against a backdrop of spectacular seasonal natural beauty.
from £3999 (per person)
Saga: Into the heart of Japan
Immerse yourself in Japanese culture from the bright lights of Tokyo to the haunting beauty of Hiroshima’s Memorial Peace Garden. See Mount Fuji and snow monkeys, sleep in a ryokan, explore historic temples, make sushi, and meet a charming and courteous people.
from £4399 (per person)
Titan Essence of Japan
Having selected these two splendid seasons as the most magical times to visit, this fully-escorted Japanese tour highlights the vitality of Tokyo and Hiroshima, the tranquillity and charm of temples, shrines, museums and gardens and the march of technology with an included journey on the lightning-fast Shinkansen (Bullet Train), all enhanced with the most gracious hospitality of the Japanese.
from £4199 (per person)
Travelsphere Land of the Rising Sun
​There are few places on Earth where the contrast between traditional and modern is quite so marked as in Japan and on this holiday you'll discover many of its incredible highlights. Beginning in dazzling Tokyo, you'll go on to admire incredible views of Mount Fuji, see the beautiful Matsumoto Castle and visit the traditional city of Takayama.
from £4049 (per person)
Wendy Wu A Week In Japan
In just a week visit the highlights of Japan and have a taster of the rich cultural heritage, natural beauty of Mount Fuji and the bustling and dynamic street of Tokyo.
from £3640 (per person)
Wendy Wu Japan Tours
Wendy Wu Discover Japan
Discover Japan is a fantastic Wendy Wu Tour and is ideal for travellers who want to experience the wonders of Japan; from traditional Kyoto to the modern and futuristic Tokyo. Spend 13 days seeing many highlights of Japan including Mount Fuji, Kinkakuji Temple, Koya-San, Osaka Castle and much more.
from £5140 (per person)
Wendy Wu Highlights of Japan Solo Tour
This tour of Japan is dedicated to solo travellers. You’ll uncover Japan’s best-known cities, discover the hidden treasures of Koya-san and Nara and view majestic Mt Fuji. The tour is designed especially for solo travellers who want to travel with other, like-minded solo travellers, so together you can explore, discover and share your passion for travel.
from £5490 (per person)
Wendy Wu Japan Uncovered
Brand new for 2019, Wendy Wu's most extensive tour of Japan includes all the classic sights and key cultural activities. Featuring modern cities, historical sights and beautiful landscapes, Japan Uncovered ensures you get the most out of your trip to this fascinating land.
from £6140 (per person)
Wendy Wu Jewels of Japan
Jewels of Japan takes you on a fascinating adventure exploring the best of Japan in 11 days. Discover the world's tallest tower at Skytree in Tokyo and experience the exciting capital city of Japan. Visit scenic landscapes Japan has to offer from iconic Mt Fuji, Kyoto temples, historic Himeji to Hiroshima and Miyajima, finding yourself immersed in the wonderful culture and heritage.
from £4790 (per person)
Wendy Wu Sapporo & Snow Monkeys
Join the largest and grandest Ice and Snow Festival in the world at Sapporo, the largest city on the northern island of Hokkaido. Come face to face with the Japan Snow Monkeys who reside in the Japanese Alps and discover Japan's many treasures - old and new - in the spectacular cities of Tokyo and Kyoto.
from £4640 (per person)
Wendy Wu Trails of Japan
Japan is a country rich in colour, beauty and tradition. This amazing tour shows you the highlights and the contrast between the natural beauty of Mount Fuji and the cultural heritage displayed in Koya San, the modern wackiness of the robot restaurants and the adorable snow monkeys.
from £5190 (per person)
Wendy Wu Wonders of Japan
Enjoy a private tour of the Wonders of Japan with Wendy Wu tours. Experience 11 days visiting a variety of places in Japan. Starting in the modern metropolis Tokyo, Japan's capital city, discover the blend of traditional Japan and innovative Japan.
Abercrombie & Kent Journey through Japan
The ideal escape for those keen to embrace both modern and traditional Japan. Journey from futuristic Tokyo to ancient Kyoto, seeing everything from samurai houses to the world-famous bullet train.
from £6740 (per person)
Collette Cultural Treasures of Japan
Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern cultures of Japan. Experience the electric city of Tokyo, where Yanaka Ginza, the “shitamachi” of the city’s old town and explore Kyoto.
from £3449 (per person)
Trafalgar Splendours of Japan
Discover the essence of Japan on a journey of discovery from iconic Tokyo to Takayama and Kyoto.
from £3015 (per person)
Scenic Essential Japan
This distillation of all things Japanese is designed to provide you with a truly unforgettable travel experience.
from £10695 (per person)
Kumamoto Suizenji Garden - New - Japan & the Scenic South
Wendy Wu Japan and the Scenic South
Uncover the beauty of the lesser-known island of Kyushu, renowned for its active volcanoes, hot springs and stunning beaches, before exploring the must-see sights of Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo on Japan's largest island - Honshu.
from £5790 (per person)
Sapporo Clock Tower - New - Journey Through Japan
Wendy Wu Journey Through Japan
Along with the must-see sites on the island of Honshu and a day trip to Nikko, this is a tour of varying landscapes as it journeys south from Hokkaido uncovering the charming cities of Sapporo, Otaru and Hakodate.
from £6490 (per person)
Mount Fuji in the early morning with reflection - Times New Cherry Blossom Tour
Wendy Wu Cherry Blossom Tour 2020
from £5990 (per person)