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This continent remains as one of the most beautiful and untouched in the world. The countries within it sharply contrast from modern technology and skyscrapers to the rolling, rural rice fields. Some parts of Asia are frozen in time with ancient ruins still standing imposingly and a rural lifestyle adopted, and then there are parts that have robot themed cafes and sky gardens. Far from the frenetic streets of the cities, the ancient monasteries and churches still offer solace and spirituality that has inspired travellers for centuries.

For postcard-perfect scenery, you can’t do much better than watching the air balloons hover over Angkor, glimpsing the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji or meandering down the sleepy Mekong River. For an ethereal and unique setting, Zhangjiajie in China, with its sandstone and quartz cliffs which seem to float through the mist in the Hunan Province are so mystical, that they inspired the fictional world of 'Pandora' in James Cameron's film, 'Avatar'. 

Thick forests and parks offer sanctuary to some of the worlds most magnificent wildlife; wild tigers, jaguars, monkeys, pandas and elephants are just a few of the incredible wildlife that can be found. Take a trip back to a time where wildlife roamed the forests and Ancient wonders and sacred spaces still stand tall. Visit the Great Wall of China and the temples of Japan and Vietnam for a glimpse into the past. Experience the food with India’s red-hot curries, China’s juicy dumplings, Vietnam’s steaming bowls of pho soup and Thailand’s heaping plates of Pad Thai noodles. Whether you are eating in a gleaming Singaporean skyscraper or settling down for a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, the diverse cultures of Asia will amaze and excite you.



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