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Ethiopia offers so much to travellers, it’s a wonder that it is even on this list. The monumental Blue Nile falls offer a unique sight of huge gushing falls through a rainforest, Simien Mountains a lush pointed mountain peaks ruled by the Gelada Baboons and the semi excavated and magnificent Lalibela Church. Meet the locals, the Ibex and the Gelada Monkeys and tour the ancient stone castles of Emperor Fasiladas and then get a flavour of the culture with a shopping trip to the Mercato.

Ethiopia offers so much in diverse landscapes. You can discover the everchanging landscapes by trekking more than 3000m above sea level in the Simien and Bale mountains or go beneath sea level whilst visiting the Danakil Depression. When you have had your fill of nature, learn about the fascinating history of the only African country that escaped European colonialism. Ethiopia has retained much of its cultural identity. In Ethiopia, the Ancient civilisations have left monuments behind that can still be seen. Most people don't realise that Ethiopia is home to a diverse range of wildlife too. Cath sightings of the Ethiopian wolf, gelada monkeys, walia ibex, birds, elephants, crocodiles and hyenas. 

Currency: Ethiopian birr

Visa: Yes