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Which Club Med Location in the Caribbean Suits You?

Which Club Med Location in the Caribbean Suits You?

When choosing your Club Med Caribbean resort, you must bear in mind the differences in temperature, location, activities and also the audience that it is geared towards. Make sure that you research the variations in temperature for the time of year that you are looking to go.  One thing that they all have in common is a high level of impeccable service. Once you arrive you'll be escorted to your own paradise and enjoy the luxuries of a completely all-inclusive holiday, leaving you time to completely relax.

Each resort also offers the usual high standard Club Med facilities such as pools and spas; activities such as sailing, fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving; and bars and restaurants.

Here is a rundown of each Club Med location in the Caribbean:

The Bahamas

The Club Med Columbus Isle resort in the Bahamas sits on San Salvador island; a sliver of beach spotted with natural lakes and creeks. Historically, this is where Christopher Columbus arrived, hence the resort name. The island is renowned for its diving. With over 50 dive sites and an abundance of wildlife, the island is attractive to deep sea divers and shallow snorkelers alike. The Great Lake Preserve stretches across 10 miles of the island to protect its natural beauty. This resort is very child and teenager friendly. With Club Med Columbus Isle, the resort welcomes children from 2 years old, with children's club facilities from age 11. In July & August, the Junior Club Med group is active and teenagers from ages 11 to 17 can engage in sports and activities together.

When to go
There is no bad time to go to the Bahamas as the weather is consistently good all year round, with a top temperature of around 32 degrees from July to September. This, however, is also the rainy season.  The average amount of rain drops off in July, so with a high temperature and little rain July is a popular time to go. To avoid the crowds, September and October are the quieter months to visit, but it still maintains a relatively dry climate and a high temperature of around 30-32 degrees and 21 – 23 at the lower end.

Best for: A relaxing and family-friendly holiday.

The Dominican Republic

Club Med Punta Cana is on the island of Hispaniola. Identified by its infamous strip of turquoise lagoon, the island is family and couple friendly. The island features a 600-metre stretch of beach and a coconut grove. This resort is more activity-led than others as it features Cirque De Soleil themed activities. There are over 30 acrobatic and artistic activities inspired by Cirque Du Soleil performances for you to participate in or watch. From artistic activities (mask painting, juggling, percussion and dance) to physically demanding acrobatic displays (high bungee, double flying trapeze, aerial silk, tightrope and trampoline).  There are over 25 activities for adults and children. For adults without children, there is also a new Zen Oasis and a spa with treatment rooms and salons.

When to go:

As a winter sun destination, most people flock to soak up the sun in the winter months of December – February. The temperature is high all year round, usually between 22 -31 degrees. The best time to go would be March to May, a slightly hotter climate but with fewer people and avoiding the impending rain/hurricane season. June – November is the rainy season so expect the beach and golf courses to occasionally be rained out, but this will be the best value season so may be worth the risk.
Best for: A unique experience


Club Med La Caravelle resort can be found on Guadeloupe island in the French West Indies. The island is your typical tropical island, with bleached white sand and clear crystal waters, but the idiosyncrasies of this island is the untouched natural wonder. Carbet Falls is a natural waterfall, set amid tropical rainforests on the lower slopes of the volcano, La Soufriere. This spot is popular amongst tourists as the falls were noted in the log book of Christopher Columbus. It is worth noting that this fall is not accessible without climbing gear as the ascending steps have dissipated. The second cascade receives the most visitors of the three, due to its convenient accessibility. Many hot springs, including Little Paradise Hot Spring, are located nearby.

When to go:
Temperatures don’t differ much throughout the year but it is worth being wary if you are planning to go in the less popular months of June – November as there are frequent showers and even hurricanes. The drier season of December – May is a safe bet, but is more popular with correspondingly higher prices. November, therefore, is a great month to go, at the end of the rainy season and just before the popular months.

Best for: Natural Beauty


Club Med Les Boucaniers is set in the French West Indies.  Amid the Caribbean archipelago this little island often gets overlooked, but with emerald-green waters and a boardwalk stretching into the sea that you can jump off, this tropical island is a true gem. Visit the Alma River Waterfalls or the Mount Pele volcano and the encompassing rainforest. Discover the ruins of St Pierre village and visit a rum distillery or a banana plantation. Explore Fort-de-France and the historical and colourful town of Grand Saint Pierre.

When to go:

December – April are the most popular and expensive dates as it is Martinique’s Carnival season so if you are planning to go then, try booking three to four months in advance. May – June is the best time to visit as the island is relatively dry, but escapes the rain season that follows. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate much between highs of 29C to 31C throughout the year but in May-June, it is around 30C. July- August is the rainy season and many places are shut during this period.

Best for: Culture.

Turks & Caicos

Club Med Turquoise in Grace Bay, northeast of Providenciales, an adults-only paradise that exudes romance. Turks & Caicos has some of the best snorkelling and diving around, with clear waters and rich underwater wildlife. Tour boats can go whale and dolphin spotting and horse riding on the beach is the perfect cliché against such a romantic backdrop. Further into the island you can sample the local culture or take a glass-bottom kayak along pure blue rivers.

When to go:

Peak season is December – March, with balmy temperatures of around 30C. The best season to visit is April – May; it may have the odd rain shower but the average temperature is 28C and it is not in peak tourism or hurricane season. June – November is the cheapest and rainiest time to visit and the hottest.

Best for: Romance


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  • 13th October 2017