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The Club Med Après-Ski Calorie Counter

The Club Med Après-Ski Calorie Counter

Every winter many people will book a trip to the slopes to ward off those winter blues. Not only is skiing a great social pastime and thrill-inducing activity, but it also burns a lot of calories. Whilst you are hurtling down a fast red you can be burning around 223 calories per half an hour (depending on your weight and exertion!). This appeals to fitness fanatics as it is not only an incredibly fun holiday but you can also keep fit.

But what about the food? At Club Med's all-inclusive resorts you can find a range of amazing regional specialities that may sound calorific but when you combine these meals with a full day of skiing, you can find that you can enjoy a hearty meal and still keep trim on your Club Med All Inclusive Ski holiday. Club Med has found that 62% of people have said they enjoy skiing holidays because you can eat and drink in the knowledge that you are also being physically active. Use this guide to see the number of calories in popular dishes and the number of minutes of skiing required to burn them off.


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  • 21st December 2017