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Reasons to Visit Mauritius

Top Reasons To Visit Mauritius 

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the beautiful island of Mauritius.  You can discover the island easily by car and you will be mesmerised by the wonders it has to offer. Well known for its lagoons, reefs and long white sandy beaches spreading over 160km, it’s not difficult to find a comfortable spot to relax and absorb the natural beauty.

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As well as the usual snorkelling, diving, boat rides and watersports that you would expect in such a beautiful sea, you can also hike La Morne, the stunning and iconic mountain, cycle the roads, visit giant tortoises at La Vanile Nature Park, fly through the forest on a zip line, rent a catamaran for a sunset cruise, do a canyon swing, rent quad bikes & segways, go on a safari and feed giraffes. In Grand Baie, the main town, you will find lots of shops, bars and restaurants where you can listen to local folk music and try the delicious cocktails. 

Stunning Nature

Inland is a stunning natural paradise of lush hills and valleys, home to endangered pink pigeons and brightly coloured parakeets. Nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers will love the island's National Parks where you can go river rafting or hike to see the breathtaking waterfalls or giant tortoises! The reef surrounding the island stops sharks from entering the bay so you are safe from big predators. You can, however, take a boat to one of the lagoons and spot - or swim with - wild dolphins.

Fantastic Weather

Mauritius is a year-round destination with amazing weather every day of the year. The cooler months of May to August reach a balmy 24 to 25 degrees with little to no humidity which is perfect for those who with very young children or who don't enjoy very hot weather. January to April is when it's hottest and most humid, with the temperature around the low 30s. There may be a bit of rain but it will be heavy and short-lived. September to December are the median months, with the temperature between 27-30 degrees and where humidity has not reached its peak. 

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English-Speaking & Friendly Locals

The Mauritians are known for their good humour, warm smiles and friendly nature. Mauritius is known as one of the safest destinations in the world, and you will be waved at by smiling locals and even the policemen. Mauritians speak mainly English and French, with the majority speaking fluent English, making communication easy and getting around even safer as all road signs are in English. 

The roads in Mauritius are tarmacked and smooth, with few roundabouts and generally straight roads. The island is so small that you can easily navigate from one side to the other in just a few hours. This means that you can explore the hidden waterfalls, Hindu temples, statues and monuments. Beachcomber resorts can also help you to rent a car. You can find their resorts here>>

Beautiful Beaches

The east coast of Mauritius is pure white-sand bliss, with spectacular sunrises and winds that are ideal for parasailing and windsurfing. Divers should visit the northern coast for spectacular marine life, whilst the soft sandy beaches and shallow waters of the west make it popular with families.

Changing Landscapes

The Wild Colours Tour is not to be missed. Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the green slopes around the extinct Trou aux Cerfs volcano; visit the sacred Hindu lake of Grand-Bassin; admire spectacular waterfalls and gasp at the seven coloured earths of Chamarel, a mesmerising geological phenomenon.

Creole Cuisine

Mauritius encompasses a vibrant mix of European, Creole and Asian culture and this is reflected in the distinctive cuisine. We love the street food scene, where you will find sizzling curries, Chinese noodle dishes and succulent fruit served with fiery mazavaroo chilli paste, to name but a few.

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  • 27th June 2018