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Hurtigruten Voyages

You would be forgiven for thinking that Hurtigruten was only a Nordic and Arctic operator. Historically they have been known for their tours of the northern hemisphere visiting Norway, Greenland and Iceland. Although many of their voyages do include these main destinations it may be surprising to discover that they also visit other places in Europe such as Portugal and Spain. Some sailings even take you to the deserts of Africa, Canada and even the Caribbean and Central America. Their second most popular destination, though, after Norway is the White Continent of Antarctica.



Hurtigruten is unlike many other holiday providers as their main goal for each holiday is to explore, paying homage to great travellers and explorers that have gone before them. The group tours will retrace explorers' footsteps and discover new worlds whether they are the ancient glaciers where you might just see one turn, ancient Mayan ruins, kayaking among coral reefs or past penguins on ice, snorkelling past fish or bathing in hot springs amongst arctic foxes, learning about the ancient Incas or learning about Norse mythology. Hurtigruten have the destinations and accompanying excursion programme to please everyone. 



Currently, Hurtigruten offers Arctic voyages to Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen and Arctic Canada. In the southern hemisphere, Hurtigruten takes guests to Antarctica, South America and to the mighty Amazon rainforest. 

On a Hurtigruten voyage you get:

• to engage in authentic, significant and breath-taking experiences

• to immerse yourself in culture, nature and wildlife
• a broad and diverse expedition fleet tailor-made to meet your exact needs

  • experienced crews that take you safely to the most thrilling places where you can meet and interact with locals



• more than 200 activities designed to suit all explorer levels
• safe and easy deployment to Polar Circle boats from mid-deck
• onboard equipment that makes your exploring safer and more flexible
• advanced technology that makes your journey safe and comfortable

• highly knowledgeable and dedicated expedition teams
• an operator that lives and breathes sustainable travel
• peaceful, comfortable and relaxed onboard experiences where you get the chance to meet fellow travellers
• excellent panoramic views from the restaurants and lounges



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  • 11th August 2017