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Discover Tanzania & Zanzibar - Best Places to See

Best Places To See & Do In Tanzania & Zanzibar 

Balloon Safari

A balloon safari over the Serengeti is not to be missed. Drifting over the plains as the sun rises with oblivious wildlife sprawled below is awe-inspiring and the thrill is indescribable.


Witness the great migration

An experience more wondrous than any you could imagine, the great migration of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle as they congregate in the plains of the Ngorongoro Crater before heading northwest towards the western corridor.


Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest mountain in Africa and surrounded by a national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This dormant volcanic mountain is not easy to climb, however, there are plenty of options for different climbing abilities.


Wonder at the crater

A visit to Tanzania would not be complete without seeing the Ngorongoro Crater. Formed when a huge volcano exploded before collapsing millions of years ago, the area has flourished into a natural enclosure for wildlife.


Up close with the chimps

 A rare experience indeed awaits in the forests of the Mahale mountains. Follow your guide through the paths starting at Africa’s deepest lake, Tanganyika, in search of chimpanzees. Watch them interact and soak up every minute of this truly magical experience.


National parks galore

Home to a total of 16 national parks, there really is something for everyone! Amongst the most popular are Lake Manyara, a bird-watchers paradise and Tarangire where the vast number of baobabs abound on the gently rolling countryside amongst the varied wildlife.


A hidden gem

An untouched wilderness awaits at Selous Game Reserve, away from the crowds, where the rivers are the lifeblood of a park that hosts fabulous wildlife. 


Sparkling arts and crafts

Visit the unique Cultural Heritage Centre on the outskirts of Arusha. An exquisite collection of precious stones are on display where you can work with the designers to create your own jewellery.


Fabulous beaches

Discover Zanzibar, known as The Spice Island with an array of stunning beaches, fantastic diving sites and home to the traditional Swahili trading town, Stone Town, a unique place with many influences from the region. 


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  • 27th August 2019
  • Martina Gardeva, Digital Marketing Executive