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Holiday Vouchers

No matter what milestone you or your friends are celebrating from a wedding or civil partnership to a big birthday, an anniversary or retirement choosing the perfect gift is easy and exciting with the Travel Club Elite Holiday Voucher.

Recipients can put the travel vouchers towards the cost of their dream holiday, whether it's an exotic escape to the Caribbean, or a romantic break to Paris, a weekend theatre break in London or a spa hotel, a family adventure or a once in a lifetime cruise - the world as they say is your oyster!

Holiday vouchers can also be used for those essential extras such as airport loungesairport car parking, airport hotels and excursions.

Our holiday vouchers can be bought over the telephone and are flexible in the fact they can be purchased for any value

Call 0121 213 0012 or send us your Holiday Voucher Purchase Enquiry.


Vouchers For All Occasions!

- Christmas gifts for family and friends - spreading cheer throughout 2016 
- Save for your perfect holiday - Turn your dreams into reality.
- Wedding Abroad or Honeymoon Gift List - The gift that helps make memories. 
- Corporate Travel gifts - Reward and Recognition


Christmas holiday vouchers - the perfect gift for family and friends.

Travel Club Elite holiday vouchers are a new, unique and exciting gift which makes the ideal Christmas present for a person of any age. Our Holiday vouchers are quick and easy to purchase and we will send you a voucher by email so perfect for that ‘last minute' gift

Our holiday vouchers can be bought over the telephone and are flexible in the fact they can be purchased for any value and can be personalised with a message. Everyone knows someone who has everything and our holiday vouchers makes the perfect Christmas present as it is unique. Travel vouchers are also perfect for couple as they can use and enjoy your gift together.

The travel voucher can be used against any of the 1000's of holidays and short breaks with HUGE Savings and a recent survey showed that us Brits now feel a weekend away or a holiday is far more of a treat than it was 5 years ago so make someone smile and give the gift of travel under the tree this Christmas.

Call 0121 213 0012 or send us your Holiday Voucher Purchase Enquiry. 

Save for your perfect holiday 

In the current economic climate, our workload increases at a much higher rate than our wage packets! As a consequence, we are more in need of a holiday than ever, but that holiday needs to be affordable, or one where payments can be staggered.

Holiday vouchers are great for budgeting and provide a great starting block for a holiday savings scheme. You can buy more travel vouchers as you go along, and watch as your holiday savings grow.

Our holiday vouchers can be bought over the telephone and are flexible in the fact they can be purchased for any value.

Follow these tips to make your money go further whilst saving for your perfect holiday:

- It pays to economise - put a little money by each month and buy yourself a holiday voucher each payday.
- Ask for holiday vouchers for Christmas, Birthdays etc. as every pound received will be a pound off your holiday!
- The average Brit now spends over £1320 per year on fast food - that's over £100 per month. With the average fast food/takeaway now costing on average £9 per person by cutting down only two of these meals per month you could buy an additional £210 holiday vouchers each year towards your holiday.
- Did you know that the average commuter spends more than £10 a day on lunch, takeaway coffees and other food - that's £2,500 a year so make your own sandwiches and buy snacks on offer at the supermarket and your holiday vouchers saving scheme will grow faster than your think.
- Cut back on the luxuries when saving for a holiday and sacrifice going out for dinner a few times - it could be money spent on a meal out on your family holiday or an overseas excursion with friends.
- There is plenty of online advice to help you save on major household expenses - check out whether changing your energy supplier could save you money and check out the comparison websites when renewing insurance or other financial goods.
- Websites such as Groupon, Wowcher and Amazon local are regularly updated with special offers, as are newspapers and magazines. Some have downloadable apps that work of your phone's GPS signal to find offers near to you - use them and put the savings into your holiday vouchers saving scheme.
- Major High Street stores and supermarkets all offer loyalty cards that offer bigger discounts the more you shop there, so for essential purchases it makes sense to earn the rewards involved.


Call 0121 213 0012 or send us your Holiday Voucher Purchase Enquiry.



Wedding Abroad or Honeymoon Gift lift - The gift that is appreciated and valued

A great way to help pay for your big day is to create a wedding gift list of holiday vouchers - any friends/relatives wishing to purchase holiday vouchers can do so to whatever value they choose and we can arrange for them to be debited against your wedding the same day.

 It's no surprise that one in five British weddings now take place abroad, according to the latest figures. On average, an overseas wedding costs around £6,500 - a third of the cost of doing it in the UK - so getting hitched on holiday could save you a fortune.  

Weddings are usually smaller because fewer guests tend to travel abroad. This means a smaller venue and less money spent on catering. Couples will also be able to bag themselves a picturesque setting without the high price tag - whereas venue hire at top locations in the UK cost around £7,000, according to The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.

One of the best reasons for tying the knot overseas is, of course, to sidestep a wet and windy UK wedding in favour of sunny skies and sandy beaches. But it also can help to keep a lid on costs.

You can choose to keep it to just the two of you or take your family and friends with you, go short haul (great if small children are attending) or further afield to the white beaches of the Caribbean or an idyllic getaway in the Indian Ocean - the choice is yours.


We can provide small information cards to go inside your wedding invitations asking guests to call us and buy holiday vouchers that will be debited against your honeymoon.

With this gift your guests are not only contributing to the holiday of a lifetime they are also helping to create memories that will last a lifetime. They can also purchase an airport lounge, champagne on the aircraft or in your hotel all with one call.

Excursions and activity days can also be purchased by guests for you to enjoy on your honeymoon or on your return to the UK

Call 0121 213 0012 or send us your Holiday Voucher Purchase Enquiry.


Corporate Travel gifts
- Reward and Recognition

If you are a business owner or department head looking for a way to reward staff and customer behaviour, then our travel vouchers offer something a little different and are a welcome change from the run of the mill gifts.

The acquisition of skilled and dedicated workers will help create a strong foundation for your business. To bring these individuals on board, it helps to have some tangible benefits that will differentiate your business from the masses. Rather than offering the ‘norm' or the bare minimum give your employees travel vouchers towards holidays and weekends away - in other words make them feel special. Offering solid and popular benefits will also help you retain staff and demonstrates that you believe in your company enough to reward your employees.

- Employee performance recognition 
- Sales or customer service department contests
- Rewards for perfect attendance
- Recruitment referral incentives
- Birthday and employment anniversaries
- Retirement gifts

The travel vouchers can be purchased to whatever value you wish and we can provide a voucher to be presented to the lucky member of staff.

Customer rewards

Most businesses recognise it costs between 4-10 times more to acquire a new customer rather than retain the ones you have.

Travel Club Elite holiday vouchers allow you to reward your customers in a unique manner either as a one off gift or you can buy vouchers for key customers throughout the year as part of a loyalty programme to be presented at the end of a certain period.

The choice is yours and we are happy to look at different proposals for you to ensure we offer the correct customer benefit scheme for your business.

- Customer loyalty schemes
- New business referrals
- Purchasing incentives
- Customer appreciation gifts

Call 0121 213 0012 or send us your Holiday Voucher Purchase Enquiry.

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