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Kirker Holidays

We're proud to recommend the Kirker collection of some of the best short breaks, city breaks, cultural trips, music holidays & tailor-made itineraries in the world. 

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There is an impression that short breaks are easy; isn't it just a couple of seats on a no-frills airline & a cheap internet hotel? Well, that's true to an extent and perhaps for students & those on the tightest of budgets. However, we know that most people would prefer an itinerary put together by holiday experts, with carefully chosen hotels, guidance, financial protection & back-up and just to do things in the style which their status commands. This is even more important when travelling to celebrate a special occasion or for a special event.

Kirker Holidays have one elegantly simple goal: to provide discerning travellers with a select range of hotels, combined with private transfers, private tours and well researched itineraries that enable you to make the most of your precious time - why settle for less?

We all need time away from the daily routine; a time for rest, for enjoyment, for celebration, for stimulation, to re-energise, or simply to contemplate the finer things in life.

Kirker's focus on the discerning traveller has many benefits. For example, the famous Kirker Concierge service. They're on hand to book a special dinner at the restaurants known only to the local cognoscenti. They'll find those elusive tickets for a ‘sold-out' opera, or the guide who will take you (as he did us) tripping over the rooftops of the Istanbul Grand Bazaar (all very 007!), or let you watch gold-smelting in one of its tiny workshops, as craftsmen have done for centuries.

As well as the invaluable Kirker Concierge service, Kirker includes:- Private transfers or Hire Car, Accommodation with Breakfast & Kirker Guide notes to restaurants, museums & sightseeing.

We're delighted to book our very special clients with Kirker Holidays, we hope you'll choose from one of the Cultural Tours below and join them! If the Kirker Tour you are looking for is not listed, please just enquire.

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Cultural Art Tours:- Gardens & Galleries of the Cote D'Azur. Kirker Umbria - The Essence Of Italy
Cultural Garden Tours:- Villas & Gardens Around Rome, Italy. Gardens & Galleries of the Cote D'Azur

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Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours

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