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Weddings Abroad

Wedding Packages Abroad Offers 

A quick call to 0121 213 0012 or e-mail to our expert Wedding Team could bring your dream wedding abroad, closer to reality, at a price you never thought possible. You could even have a FREE dream wedding and honeymoon abroad! (more details below).  If you already have a quote, please let us audit the proposal, free of charge & we'll almost certainly save you hundreds of pounds!

The beguiling image of a bride & groom exchanging vows on a tropical beach, as palm trees sway in the breeze, beneath cloudless blue skies, will capture the imagination of most romantic couples.  Well, the wonderful news is that our expert wedding staff will take care of all the planning and organisation.  You'll be surprised at the fantastic value-for-money wedding packages which we have available. We could make your perfect wedding abroad come true, for less than the cost of getting married at home!

What's more, by getting married abroad, we'll help you create a wedding that is very, very special, rare and extraordinary. You'll be creating magical memories, for you, your family & guests to treasure & reminisce for many years in the future.   Your wedding abroad will be more than just one day. With your family and friends in one beautiful wedding location, your wedding celebrations will last over several days. With everyone relaxed & in the holiday spirit, the following days' events can be as enjoyable as your wedding day on the beach.

We won't take any chances with your big day, we'll be booking you with some of the travel industries leading companies, such as Kuoni, Beachcomber Tours, Sandals & Virgin.  Just like Travel Club Elite, these are all ABTA members of long-standing, committed to first class service, financial security and operating to a strict Code of Conduct.

We can organize weddings abroad, almost anywhere. Some of the most popular wedding locations are - Weddings in Antigua & Barbados, Weddings in Bali, Weddings in Barbados, Weddings in Cyprus, Weddings in France, Weddings in Gozo, Weddings in Greece, Weddings in Grenada, Weddings in Hawaii, Weddings in Italy, Weddings in Jamaica, Weddings in Las Vegas, Weddings in Malaysia, Weddings in Malta, Weddings In Maldives, Weddings in Mauritius, Weddings in Mexico, Weddings in Naples, Weddings in New York, Weddings in Rhodes, Weddings in Rome, Weddings in Santorini, Weddings in South Africa, Weddings In Spain, Weddings in Sri Lanka, Weddings in St Lucia, Weddings in Thailand, Weddings in the Bahamas, Weddings in the Caribbean, Weddings in the Seychelles, Weddings in Trinidad & Tobago. Weddings in Turks & Caicos, Weddings in Venice, Weddings in Zante.

You could have your wedding & honeymoon abroad for FREE! Why not ask your family and friends to make their gift a donation to your wedding & honeymoon. We'll let you have instant notification of all payments made, for your ‘thank you' notes. With some of the fantastic weddings abroad packages on offer, your dream wedding in paradise could be all paid for!

"Do you take this dream wedding, in this beautiful, paradise wedding location, to be your perfect Wedding Day Abroad?"  We do!  Please call now 0121 213 0012 & we'll get to work to make your dream wedding abroad come true.

Wedding Packages Abroad

Wedding Packages Abroad

 Your Wedding Package Abroad - You'll have a dedicat...

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